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This page intentionally left vague.


  1. I like vague things, don’t you? clearly!

  2. Patrick says:

    Hey sFork, I’m working on a music video based on your song for one of my senior projects for my university. I am interested in using your remix of the portal 2 music. I’m already in contact with valve but also want to get your permission as well. I’m not making money off of this project and at most it may stay as a portfolio piece, but you will have a big credit at the end for the music remix.

    give me a write back and hope to hear,
    Patrick Bowers

    • sfork says:

      Permission Granted. Now go graduate. Please send link 🙂

      • SirZarmO: says:

        He never sent that link, didn’t he?
        probably didn’t even graduate, what a terrible shame.
        Props for the website, reminds me of the Gentoo April fools one, gwaad I HATED it, supposed to be clean and informative, this, on the other hand is quite good.

        • sfork says:

          Dear SirZarm0,

          The year is now 2020, the video has not been posted.

          We can now assume this poor soul did NOT graduate.

          What a poor fate for such a good test subject.

          We hope things are going better for you, dear test

          subject SirZarm0.

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