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Month: December 2012

Sfork remix of Ellie Goulding’s “The Writer.” Free for download at sfork.bandcamp.com Bootleg remix of The Writer performed by Ellie Goudling with music by Sfork. Vocal by Ellie Goulding, everything else by Sfork. released 11 December 2012 The Writer Written by Elena Jane Goulding and Jonny Lattimer Published by Covered Infinities LTD Performed by Ellie […]

Month: December 2012

Thank you all for the amazing response to our Portal 2/Cave Johnson remix. We are working feverishly on new music but we have a strict “no-sucking” policy in place, so we are taking our sweet time getting it to you. If you have a problem with this you may ask for the Tooth Fairy to […]